Haunted Scarehouse consists of Two Terrifying Attractions, The House of Nightmares and the Attic, spread over Two Floors of Fear.



  This coming season the Haunted Scarehouse takes you back. Back over 40 years ago when a farmhouse resided on the property. Who were the people in the farmhouse?  What was happening in the farmhouse? This year we Dare you to come and experience the horrors inside.  Based on true events that took place over 40  years ago on this very location.  

  Regarded by Halloween enthusiasts as Jersey’s most original and innovative haunted attraction, Haunted Scarehouse features two floors of heart-stopping entertainment. Rooms decorated like movie sets, jaw-dropping props, disorienting noises, actors heightening your tension, ratcheting up your fear—it’s all here for your enjoyment.  This  your excitement for the award-winning show is full of excitement from the second yo step foot into the building. Navigate the darkness, explore two gigantic haunted houses, journey through numerous rooms created by expert set builders, interact with special effects, animated walls, fearfully realistic set pieces and scenes—everything a professional haunted house should be, and much, much more. Inspired by the imaginative genius of pioneer Walt Disney and his theme parks, scarehouse’s creative team strives to match Disney’s awe-inspiring levels of craftsmanship, detail, and live performance. Come and ex3.perience for yourself why Haunted Scarehouse was rated scariest haunt in New Jersey by Haunt Hunters in 2014, and others.






Scenes for the horror anthology film “Abandoned in the Dark,” starring horror icon Kane Hodder, were shot on location at The Haunted Scarehouse. The film is based on the book of the same name by David Boyle. More information at IMDb: Abandoned in the Dark (2014)

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2014 Awards

-Voted Best Indoor Haunt in NJ - HAUNT HUNTERS  

-Best Haunt in NJ for Adults - Njnew1.com

-Ranked Best walk - through Haunted House - Scranton Huanted house  review

-Best Haunted House in NJ - Oni Hartstein (onezumi)

-Rated Top Haunt in NJ - Haunt Spot