The Haunted House – A Brief, Haunted History of Fright

As the Halloween season draws near, haunted attractions will begin to prepare for the coming scare season. For a few short weeks, haunted houses across the nation will open their doors and welcome new victims – young and old. The haunted house is a celebrated Halloween tradition, without a doubt, and it’s almost a rite of passage to visit one at some point during the Halloween season.

Have you ever found yourself wondering how this came to be? What is it about the haunted house that resonates so soundly with us? Before this scare season gets under way, here’s a brief history of the modern haunted house.

How It Got Started

It all starts, as do many things, with the ancient Greeks and Romans. These and other ancient civilizations created ways cope with a mysterious and ever-changing world. To fill this need, they created myths, legends, and gods to explain the unknown. This gave them a feeling of control over things that frightened them, and, above all else, it explained and gave meaning to things that would otherwise be random and inexplicable. So, rather than a terrible, random storm that destroyed crop rations, it was Zeus showing his anger for not receiving proper sacrifice.

To more effectively bring these fears to life, they would put on theatrical performances complete with effects we still use today like fog, fake blood, and trapdoors.

As civilizations advanced and people started to master the world around them, fear of nature changed instead to fear of other people, manifested in the forms of witches, spirits, and demons. In the Middle Ages, traveling Christian theatrical troupes staged plays to scare people away from sin.

Around the late 1600s, puritanical Christians grew so fearful of sin that they associated anyone who did not wholly and absolutely conform to their beliefs with the devil. Pagans, or those who believed in the power of nature, were especially feared. This negative sentiment grew to its height in newly settled New England. Puritans were fearful of the wild and strange land around them, and the American Indians that inhabited it. Their paranoia grew to such an extreme, in fact, that that they eventually turned their suspicious stares to one another. And so, the Salem Witch Trials ensued.

Later on, the Victorian Era saw a generation trying to acclimate itself to a world that was becoming more technologically advanced. Fueled by electricity and a booming industry, people began to yearn for pastoral life as it had been. This renewed an interest in ghosts, magic, and the supernatural.

It was around this time when Madame Marie Tussaud featured her infamous “Chamber of Horrors” in her wax museum, featuring the decapitated likenesses of famous French figures. The Grand Guignol Theater in Paris became notorious for its enactments of stories from the penny dreadfuls.  

The Modern Haunted House

The haunted house as we know it today was perhaps first most clearly represented by Walt Disney’s Haunted Mansion in 1969. This early haunted house used many of the same scare tactics from the theater, while also utilizing refracted light to create and project ethereal images. Even now, haunted house owners will point back to Disney’s Haunted Mansion as being their inspiration.

From there, haunted houses popped up across the country. It started in theme parks, but then charity organizations would open them in people’s backyards to raise money. From there, hobbyists took over, creating haunted houses in cornfields, barns, garages, and actual houses.

Fear of tainted Halloween candy in the 1980’s funneled even more customers towards the haunted house. If people were too scared to go trick-or-treating, they needed another outlet with which to celebrate the holiday.

As they grew more popular, like-minded individuals joined together to perfect the art of the haunted house. Today, you probably don’t have to look very far to find one near you. Every year, those dedicated to them look for ways to perfect the experience, searching for ways to illicit the most authentic screams out of their patrons.

The Future of the Haunted House

The scare industry is booming, and those who run haunted houses are always seeking to change and develop their craft. They seek to thrill not only newcomers but repeat customers as well. In order to do that, they must constantly change their sets, alter their strategy, and add new scares.

Owners are continuously looking for ways to innovate their attractions and take fear to new heights. Some new haunted houses boast an experience that a person must go through alone. Others plunge customers into total darkness. In some of the most extreme attractions, you may even find yourself kidnapped and bound.

Among a new trend in haunted attractions are escape rooms. A group enters and must find the clues to solve a mystery before time expires while encountering frightening situations along the way. It’s a live action puzzle incorporating the thrilling elements of a haunted house, forcing customers to think under pressure and duress. Visiting haunted escape rooms are most definitely an exciting way to spend a night in October.

Looking for some haunted attractions to visit this coming fall? Haunted Scarehouse is revving up for October, and will be unveiling some new scares this season. Prepare yourself for two full floors of fear and terror! And if you’re in the mood for something new, check out their own escape rooms. Haunted Scarehouse is regarded by many Halloween enthusiasts as New Jersey’s most original and innovative haunted attraction. Quick! Get your tickets online now!

Escape Rooms – Experience the Thrill

The coming of autumn brings with it promises of nighttime adventures and opportunities for some quality screams.Thrill seekers everywhere have a cause for excitement. All your favorite haunted attractions use this time to prep for the upcoming season, and perhaps get ready to unveil some new thrills. As you prepare for this Halloween season, remember that haunted houses, prisons, hayrides, and cornfields aren’t the only attractions that deserve your attention. If you have yet to experience the thrilling adventure of escape rooms, you’re missing out on an exciting new trend in the world of Halloween thrill-seeking.

Escape Rooms Make the Experience Tangible

Unlike other haunted attractions, escape rooms allow you to employ your sense of touch. In haunted houses, you can see and hear, but you’re often not allowed to touch anything. On haunted hayrides, the actors jump and climb on the carts, but you can’t touch them and the sets are a good distance away.

Escape rooms are unique in that you can interact with everything in the room. You’re meant to touch the objects, move them around, and hold them for closer observation. By employing your tactile senses, the experience becomes more real in your mind. Often, our sense of touch is the deciding factor in separating something fake from something real in our mind.

Ever heard of the old trick that if you can’t tell whether you’re in a dream or not, try to turn a light switch? You know you’re dreaming when you can’t touch the world around you. Tactile interaction connects the body’s experience to the brain, making the experience real.

By interacting with the room, and having the room interact with you, escape rooms make themselves real in your mind and thus create a more exciting and fully engulfing experience.

Break from the Norm

Escape rooms are a refreshing change from the typical “follow the path” nature of most other haunted attractions like houses, prisons, and hayrides. Though they may seem chaotic at the time you go through them, places like these are designed with a specific layout that is often quite linear. You wander through it with your friends and you feel autonomous, but the path you follow is already carefully predetermined.

You may think that you only ended up in the library of the haunted mansion because the deranged butler with a butcher knife chased you out of the servant’s kitchen. However, you’re really there because that’s the next staged scene, and the deranged butler was not only a catalyst but also a guide of sorts. The hand that jumped out of the picture frame in the hallway was not only a method to scare you, but also something to stop you from making the wrong turn.

Escape rooms are innately different. Though there’s a general pattern to follow, there’s no way to determine which clue will be discovered first, or which course of action the group will decide to take based on those discoveries. They don’t function linearly, and therefore the experience is more authentic.

In addition, escape rooms demand that their victims be engaged mentally. You must do more than stay in line and follow the queue. Escape rooms require you to keep your wits about you – to keep your brain functioning in a state of anxiety.

Escape Rooms Provide Safe, Controlled Fear

Despite the fact that the experience is tangible and more real, the danger is no more present than in any other haunted attraction.

Far from walking through shadowy corridors all alone, escape rooms are a community experience. You’re in a room with a group of people, your family or friends, at all times. Just like with every other haunted attraction, you can feel comforted in the knowledge that everything taking place in the room is an elaborate show meant to induce fear, yes, but also meant to entertain.

The goal with all escape rooms is just that, to escape. You must recognize the clues for what they are, and solve the mystery in order to leave. That being said, escape rooms have a time cap. If you can’t solve the puzzle within a certain amount of time, the game ends. Thus, you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re not really trapped forever. Though, those with a competitive nature will still want to solve the puzzle and escape under their own power.

Give yourself the ultimate adrenaline rush, while also exercising your brain. Come see what Haunted Scarehouse has to offer. Test your cunning and your daring in our very own escape rooms. We’re opening for the 2016 season on September 23rd. Check out our pricing and order your tickets online today!

Escape Rooms – A Great Team Building Exercise

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  • Posted : June 21st, 2016

Real life escape rooms are physical adventure games whose roots lie in point-and-click adventure games such as Noctropolis and MOTAS. The basic gameplay technique of having the player trapped in a single location dates back at least to 1988 with John Wilson’s text adventure Behind Closed Doors.

In real life escape rooms, players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles. Players are given a set time limit, usually one hour to solve the puzzles and unlock the clues that lead to their successful escape. The games are set in a wide variety of fictionally themed rooms such as dungeons and prison cells.

Escape Rooms Provide Team Building Benefits

Favored by horror fans and thrill seekers, escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular as team building exercises.These adventure games have captured the attention of many corporations and organizations looking to create more productive teams for several reasons.


Escape rooms are specifically designed to require the work of every team member. A single person is highly unlikely to solve every puzzle or unlock every clue in just one hour. Some of the puzzles may also include tasks that require more than one set of hands.

Everyone must work together as a team to secure all of the clues while drawing upon the knowledge of each individual. Only as a team can they successfully piece together the clues that will allow them to achieve their escape.


An escape room adventure can be a fun way for employees to learn to work together more effectively and efficiently. There is little time for repetition or error while the team works toward their escape.

Team building activities often give employees the opportunity to identify each team member’s unique abilities as well as procedure that will increase productivity.


Because each escape room has a specific theme, it creates a sense of reality. The desire to escape and the time restraint creates a sense of urgency.

Escape rooms offer the kind of excitement and team building opportunities that just can’t be created in an office setting.

Self Esteem

The escape room experience is the perfect opportunity to bolster an employee’s low self esteem.

Team members are forced to make quick decisions. They have to rely on each other’s judgement and intuition to help the team escape.

Contributing to a successful team escape is a great way to boost the morale of any employee who sometimes struggles to keep up with the rest of the team.


Team building activities such as escape rooms can build an employee’s confidence and increase their motivation. Employees are often more motivated when they gain trust in their team members.

When a company commits to team building activities it proves they are invested in their employees’ success. An escape room adventure is a fun way to show appreciation and recognition of their value while building their confidence.

Strength, Spirit and Skill

Escape rooms create urgency and provide mental challenges that force team members to rely on one another. This makes them the perfect tool to strengthen a core team. The adventure will build their team spirit and make it easier to trust one another, especially during stressful situations.

Escape rooms offer the perfect outlet for employees to have fun and hone their problem solving skills. As a result they will return to work as better, more confident team players with a sense of camaraderie.


Of course you can always grab some friends and have an escape room adventure just for the fun of it! The Haunted ScareHouse in Wharton, NJ offers the ultimate escape room experience with Trapped Escape Rooms at Hayden House. Check out website or contact us for hours of operation and to purchase tickets. Be prepared for mind bending puzzles and thrills galore!


It’s Not Just NJ Haunted Houses – There’s Haunted Pubs Too

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  • Posted : May 16th, 2016

We often talk about haunted houses on our blog, and with good reason – they’re entertaining, wonderfully spooky, and have a great history here in New Jersey (NJ) for our local residents to come visit and explore.

But our wonderful state isn’t just full of haunted house attractions – there are haunted pubs too. Recently, a ghost team came and explored a haunted pub in NJ by the name of Harper’s Pub in Clementon, NJ.

For more information on how you can take your family and friends to see some of the top haunted attractions in NJ, contacted your local scarehouse and schedule a visit today.

Not only will you want to visit this scary pub, but it also has one interesting story behind the haunting. covered the story first, and we’re bringing you some of the juicy tidbits to keep you haunted house, ghost story and scary appetitie alive.

The owner has had items move on their own.

The reason that this pub is suspected of being haunted has to do with an experience that he had while working in his pub for one of the first times. Mark Shernoff, the new pub owner, was cleaning out items from the previous owners in one of the closets.

He had left a box in the middle of the adjacent room. When he went to open the door, the box had been moved, pressed up against the closet door that he was cleaning out. He started asking patrons around after that one incident, and heard some of their stories as well.

Apparently the pub has a much deeper history than he could have known, and he is now still dealing with the hauntings.

A hotel burned down on the grounds in the 1800s.

Located on Gibbsboro Road near the railroad tracks, Harper’s was originally called the Clementon Hotel and was a popular stop for railway travelers, reported

The hotel burned down. While the reason isn’t clear, one might assume that there were some victims from the fire, or at least some disturbed souls that had some bad feelings around the event. After the pub burned down, another hotel was built on top of it and then later renamed Gruber’s pub.

It was when the new building was erected and the new pub went up that the owners and patrons started to see activity that might have been an indication of a haunting. The wife of the owner of that pub passed away, and many think she might still be there.

A Ghost Adventure’s crew came to check the place out.

A team of Ghost adventurers called JUMPs came out to explore the second and third floors with infrared cameras, audio recorders, and equipment used to detect spiritual energy.

“It’s creepy,” Francolino, a member of the Ghost Adventurer’s crew, told “Every noise you hear, you think something is coming at you. But at the same time, you want something to happen. It’s a weird feeling to be scared and want something to happen at the same time.”

During their investigation, they found some cold spots and changes in electromagnetic energy – a possible indication that the pub might indeed be haunted. At one point, they thought they heard a metal chair scratching against the wall.

Want more of your scare fix? Take your friends and family to come visit our local Haunted Scarehouse, and have some spooky fun this summer season!

Haunted Scarehouse was named one of the top haunted houses in NJ in 2015. To schedule your visit, contact us.

Why Spring Time is the Best Time to Get Excited About New Jersey Halloween

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  • Posted : April 11th, 2016

Spring is here – ready for Halloween? That seems like a strange question to ask this time of year, but it’s actually the perfect time to start getting into the spooky spirit. If you’re horror buffs like we are, New Jersey Halloween lasts all year long.

For more information on how you can get into the New Jersey Halloween spirit with an early visit to a haunted house, contact your local scare professionals.

In the meantime, consider the following reasons for getting into the Halloween spirit early – happy early New Jersey Halloween!

We’re all starting to come outside.

With the winter coming to an end, we’re all starting to come outside again. We’re working our yards, cleaning out our houses and fixing up our properties for the summer.

How to better get in the spooky mood than by starting to venture outside again. Take a walk through a creepy forest, or visit some weird NJ spots.

Preparing for summer is when scary season begins.

The beginning of the summer is when all of the spooky attractions start to open again. You’ll start to see scary hayrides, haunted houses and panic rooms pop up across the state and the lovers of horror prepare for their next scary season.

You’ve been cooped up in the house for so long and want to come out to play.

Being cooped up in the house can be the worst. Exploring new places is often one of the most adventurous – and sometimes spooky – feelings that you can get in the springtime. If you’re really feeling adventurous, come visit our haunted house.

You’re itching for some outdoor activities with friends.

When Spring hits, we all start looking for outdoor activities to do with our friends. Coming out into weird NJ, visiting scary spots, making memories and creating laughs is one of the best activities for the springtime. Call us to schedule an appointment for your group.

All the best horror movies are set in the warmth.

While there are quite a few scary movies and stories out there set in the winter time, the most suspenseful are often set in the warm weather. Think about all those summertime horror flicks, and get into the horror mood this spring with the emergence of the warm weather.

It’s the perfect time to start scoping out your local haunted house for your New Jersey Halloween.

Finally, springtime is when the best haunted houses in New Jersey begin to re-open. Start scoping out some of the best haunted houses in New Jersey for adventures with you and your friends come this New Jersey Halloween.

Haunted Scarehouse was named one of the top haunted houses in NJ in 2015. To schedule your visit, contact us.

This One Thing Makes Us the Scariest Haunted House in NJ

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  • Posted : March 14th, 2016

If you’re looking to visit the scariest haunted house in New Jersey (NJ), you’re looking to be frightened. But today’s horror lovers are smart – they know all the tricks and expect all of the actions that a typical haunted house would provide.

For more information on what your experience will be like at the scariest haunted house in NJ, contact us and we’ll be able to answer all of your questions.

In the meantime, if you’re just worried about our ability to frighten you, check out the reasons below that made us the scariest haunted house in NJ.

We can scare you in the scariest haunted house in NJ while we make you think.

The number one reason we are the scariest haunted house in NJ – we make you think. We’re not just a typical haunted house with all of the usual tricks and actions you’d find in cheesy horror films and state fairs.

We know that really what it takes to scare our guests is to be unexpected, original, and to make them believe that the scary things around them are really happening to them right now.

Our trapped escape rooms will challenge you.

One of the ways we keep our guests thinking to with multiple types of attractions. One of the most popular – originally discontinued but brought back by the popular opinion of our customers, is the trapped escape room.

The trapped escape room makes our visitors think – you have to escape the trapped room in the proper amount of time in order to win the game, and to make it out before all the spooky attractions become too much of a fright.

We’ll bend your mind with our sets.

We’re the scariest haunted house in NJ because of our mind-bending sets. Not only will they not provide just the regular cheesy haunted house sets you’re used to thinking about, they tell a story.

Our haunted house is built around the story of a single family that used to live there – and the attractions that are rooted in truth are what help to make the haunted house so spooky to begin with.

We can make you think with our puzzles and thrills galore.

Finally – keep thinking. Our haunted house attractions are packed with puzzles and thrills. Can you figure out what’s going to happen next? Which door you should choose? Or find your way out of the haunted house alone?

You won’t be able to tell the difference between fiction and reality in our haunted house – and that fact alone is what makes us the scariest haunted house in NJ.

Haunted Scarehouse was named one of the top haunted houses in NJ in 2015. To schedule your visit, contact us.

7 Reasons to Scare Your Sweetheart Silly this Valentine’s Day

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  • Posted : February 8th, 2016

Valentine’s Day is often the last time you think about being scared – the romance in the atmosphere causes horror and fear-related fun to take a back seat.

What if being scared is actually the one thing that will make you feel more romantic than ever this holiday? Consider bringing your date to one of your local Haunted Houses for Valentines for Day.

For more information about how a Haunted Scarehouse can bring you closer to your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, contact us.

In the meantime, consider the following reason your should bring your Valentine’s Day date to a haunted house this year.

It will bring you closer together – literally.

Have you ever felt that need to be closer to someone when you feel frightened? You’re not alone in that feeling. Cuddling, hugging, and jumping into one another’s arms is one of the best feelings on this holiday – and there is nothing better to insight this feeling than being scared together.

Activities are so much more fun than dinner.

Traditionally, you take your Valentine out for a dinner and possibly a movie. This can be fun, but wouldn’t it be more fun to get to know each other a little bit better, or explore a relationship that’s been close for awhile while doing an activity together?

A good laugh is the most romantic thing you can find.

While it’s not the first thing that comes to mind, haunted houses in New Jersey (NJ) are great for laughs. It can be very funny to watch your date’s reactions as you head through the haunted house, and things are jumping out of the shadows.

You can impress your sweetheart with your bravery.

Sometimes it’s sexy to be brave – and what better place to showcase your bravery to your sweetheart than in a haunted house? Bring your Valentine to Haunted Scarehouse this holiday.

You’ll lay all your fears out on the table early.

It often pays to be open from the get-go. Are you deathly afraid of clowns? Has blood always gotten you queasy? Knowing these things about your Valentine from the start can be an interesting way to get to know one another – and might bring you closer together in the end.

Fears are more romantic than you think.

There’s romance in being afraid together that isn’t often spoken for. Think about your closest loved ones – you know what their fears are, and therefore you can do a better job of protecting them from those fears. Bringing out that protective side of yourself this holiday could impress your Valentine.

The Haunted Scarehouse will be open for the holiday.

If you want to bring your Valentine to a Haunted House this Valentine’s Day, consider bringing them to the Haunted Scarehouse.

We’ll be open for the holiday, bringing romance and love into the air with fears, ghouls and all manner of scary things. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Haunted Scarehouse was named one of the top haunted houses in NJ in 2015. To schedule your visit, contact us.

Haunted Scarehouse Named one of NJ’s Top Haunted Houses of 2015

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  • Posted : January 11th, 2016

We are very excited here at Haunted Scarehouse to announce that named us on of NJ’s top haunted houses!

What make a great haunted house? We think it’s the feel and the experience brought together by great acting and even more impressive scenery. Here at Haunted Scarehouse, we strive to do all of this by providing you with the best haunting experience for your family.

Our actors are working around the clock to build impressive sets, come up with terrifying skits and new ideas so every time you come back to visit, we have something fresh to show you.

For more information on how you can have a fun outing with your family in our Haunted Scarehouse, contact us and we’d be happy to tell you about all of our attractions and set you up for success.

But until then, get to know us a little bit. We think there’s a reason we were named the top haunted house in NJ, and we would love to share that with you. Click around the website a little bit if you’re curious, or keep reading for more information.

Have you heard about our Hayden family?

Our haunted house starts with the mysterious story of the Hayden family. We don’t want to give too much away, since we’d love for you to come and visit. But the haunted house experience with the Hayden family is one that will give you the shivers.

The way we tell it is even scarier – a scientist will give you the tour of their story in his time machine as soon as you enter the house. You’ll learn about the Hayden family in front row seats to 1971, after a hurricane has completely destroyed their home. called our methodology random – but we prefer unique! You’ll walk through a bunch of different startling creatures, and meet our famous pet dragon. even gave us extra points for our moving floor.

Out attic is “supposed to be hell” – don’t make us blush.

Alright, so we may have blushed a little when we heard our attic described as “supposed to be hell.” It’s very terrifying – and we’re proud of it. You’ll get to meet one of the students in this attic classroom, as well as the teacher of the classroom, who are there to guide you through the experience.

Don’t be too worried about the student and his teacher though, they’re just a part of the Hayden story, and you’ll learn what happened to them ask you continue walking through the house. You’ll meet more scary people from the Hayden day, terrifying creatures, experience moving walls and hauntings, and get a kick out of being there with your friends or loved ones.

Our fellow haunted houses have some awesome attractions too.

We’ve got some new stuff coming around the corner, as we’ve mentioned above. If you like a challenge along with your scare, we’ve expanded our storytelling of the Hayden story to include an escape room.

This version is called “Trapped” and is a terrifying experience where we lock you and your friends in a room where you try to escape. Do you think you’re up for the challenge, or do you think you can beat some of our best records? Come visit.

But just remember, you’ll be terrified as you’re trying to escape. Bring your best game, and your best brave face.

Haunted Scarehouse was named one of the top haunted houses in NJ in 2015. To schedule your visit, contact us.

5 Ways to Survive Your House of Nightmares

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  • Posted : December 28th, 2015

So you’re going to visit a haunted house, and you’re scared. That’s completely normal, and kind of the point – hah! So when you’re going to visit your house of nightmares, you want to be prepared.

For more information on the best house of nightmares in New Jersey (NJ) contact your local Haunted Scarehouse and find out what kind of fun you can have with your friends and family.

In the meantime, check out some of these tips that we have below to prepare for visiting your haunted scarehouse in the future.

Bring a friend with you into the haunted house.

If you’re scared, and you’re planning on going in alone, you might not have the best experience. If you’re going with a group of people – consider using a buddy system to make sure that everyone is with someone at all times.

If you bring a friend with you, you also have the added benefit of seeing their faces when they’re afraid, having some laughs together, and also protecting each other through the scares.

Prepare yourself with what might be inside before you get there.

Do some research. A lot of haunted house attractions have some descriptions of what you’ll encounter inside on their websites (although not too much – we don’t want to give the fun away).

Check into the haunted scarehouse you’re going to visit, and see what your house of nightmares holds for you before you get there. This way you’ll be more prepared for some of the scary attractions that lie ahead.

Get into the mood with a scary movie.

If you’re not in the mood to experience a fright, try sitting down for a scary movie with your friends and family beforehand. Not only will it be good practice for handling all of the things that might scare you or jump out at you, but it will get you in that horror mood for the big event.

Remember how much fun the whole experience will be.

The whole point of going into a house of nightmares is to have fun. Don’t forget how much fun you’ll have with your friends and family when you’re going through the maze of frightening things.

If you remember that nothing is real, and that the whole point of the experience is to have fun, then you’ll see that it’s not as scary as you thought after all.

Bring a camera for the before, during and after if the venue allows.

Capture the fun of the moment with your friends and family by taking pictures while you’re there. Some of the house of nightmare set-ups might even have pictures on scene for you to buy afterwards, so you can capture your most terrified faces.

Walking through a haunted house will help bring you closer to your friends and family, and provide laughable entertainment during the holidays while helping bring some spookiness back into your life. If you’re interested in a tour, contact us.

10 Reasons to Get Excited About Haunted Houses During the Christmas Holiday

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  • Posted : December 14th, 2015

For those of us who are just obsessed with being scared, we’re looking for ways to pump up the excitement this holiday season.

But haunted houses? It’s hard to imagine a haunted house fitting into your schedule this holiday season – but the truth is, haunted houses are one of the most common elements of spooky christmas stories.

For more information on how you can book your tour of a Haunted Scarehouse this holiday season, call your local haunted house for times and dates of the next showings.

Ghosts are pervasive in regularly told Christmas stories, but there are other reasons to get excited about a haunted house this holiday season.

The holidays are great for warm and fuzzies, but not so much for scary fun.

Some of us (cough) are just obsessed with scary things – we like scary stories, scary movies and other scary activities of all kinds. There is a scary element often missing from the holiday season, and that’s the perfect reason to get excited about haunted houses this holiday season.

Haunted houses are a big part of Christmas stories.

The truth is that Haunted Houses are a big part of Christmas stories – have you seen the latest Scrooge? If you’ve been visited by the ghosts of your Christmas past, present or future, then you know exactly how much ghosts are pervasive during the holidays.

Ghost stories around Christmas time are a tradition.

It’s traditional to sit around the fire and tell stories – why not get excited about a holiday haunted house story this season? It will help those of us who love to be scared get into the spirit this season.

The holidays and slight frights go together better than you think.

Christmas and Halloween aren’t as far apart as you think – remember the nightmare before Christmas? This season, don’t forget about traditional haunted house frights. It just might get you into the jolly mood you were looking for.

You can use your holiday decorating skills for making your costume next year.

What a better time to work on your crafting skills for your next Halloween costume than during the Christmas holidays? Crafting is abundant during this time of year, and maybe after a couple of Christmas ghost stories your wheels will start spinning thinking about next year’s costume.

Even though it doesn’t coincide with the theme, you might get some spooky gifts this season.

Do you love scary stuff? Then you’re probably getting some scary stuff for Christmas this year. Whether or not it’s books, movies, or some other scary element, you can enjoy a good scare this season.

Being close to your loved ones is always nice, whether it’s because your warm and cozy by the fire or because you’re afraid.

We get scare, and we jump on top of each other to protect one another. Get close to your loved ones with a good haunted house story this year in front of the fire.

Because egg nog and fireplaces can make your family a bit spooky to be around.

Okay – we’re definitely joking on this one. But why not get into the spooky mood with some eggnog and a good fireplace?

Because both times of year are great for experiencing family fun.

The holidays – no matter whether or not they’re meant to be spooky – are all about bringing your friends and family together. So whether or not you’re into the Christmas or spooky spirit, have fun with your family this year.

The haunted house is a great way to get your family excited about holiday activities.

What better holiday activity – to bring all of your family closer together – than going to visit a haunted house? Happy holidays everyone, and remember your local Haunted House this season.

Walking through a haunted house will help bring you closer to your friends and family, and provide laughable entertainment during the holidays while helping bring some spookiness back into your life. If you’re interested in a tour, contact us.



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Awards:                              • - Voted Best Escape      Rooms for Detail,      theme and                           immersion  with  puzzles
  • -Voted Best Indoor Haunt in NJ - HAUNT HUNTERS  
  • -Best Haunt in NJ for Adults -
  • -Ranked Best Walkthrough Haunted House - Scranton Haunted        House  review
  • -Best Haunted House in NJ - Oni Hartstein (onezumi)
  • -Rated Top Haunt in NJ - Haunt Spot